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My name is Vicky O'Donoghue, I'm the CEO of Jackson Hole Driving Academy and I will be your instructor.

Jackson Hole Driving Academy

Nervous about learning to drive? Excited about the freedom which comes from having a driver’s license? Searching for a driver’s ed program in Jackson, Wyoming? Jackson Hole Driving Academy is your resource in Jackson Wyoming to learn the rules of the road, gain experience behind the wheel, and earn your Wyoming driver’s license. Your satisfaction and safety is my top priority with courses personally tailored to you and your needs both in a group setting or private coures. I am fully certified by the State of Wyoming to teach you all there is to know about driving in Wyoming! My school offers classroom lessons and one on one driver's training. Each student who completes the course and takes the driving test receives a certificate that they can take to the Wyoming Dept of Transportation (WYDOT) and receive their driver’s license.


About Miss Vicky

I attended Frostburg University and received my BS degree and masters in teaching. Teaching is in my blood and has been the constant throughout my professional career.  I landed my first teaching job in Manassas, Virginia as a Science teacher. I coached several sports - track, soccer, and basketball - for several years . I relocated to Fairfax County, Virginia where I started teaching Science, Health and Physical Education. I received my driver's education certification from University of Virginia. I  also worked for the U.S. Field Hockey Association in Colorado Springs, training athletes and coaches around the country. Around the time I moved to Wyoming, I lost my brother in a car accident. That was the impetus to start teaching safe driving. 

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