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Welcome to Jackson Hole Driving Academy!

Are you ready to begin or improve your driving skills and experience? Then Jackson Hole Driving Academy is the right driving school for you. I Vicky O'Donoghue would love to welcome you as one of my students.

**Fully certified by the state of Wyoming, all of our programs are designed to help you become a better and skilled driver.

*Jackson Hole Driving Academy offers group and private lessons for new drivers and drivers who would like to improve their skills.   



Additionally, Jackson Hole Driving Academy offers online courses for those whose schedules do not permit regular class attendance.


We offer Winter Driving too!

Teach stick shift if you have a car!




Starting Monday, February 5 after school 4:00 - 6:00d

Sorry we changed the date



Please let me know if you have any questions contact. Ms. Vicky!

Please email us 




Driving can be scheduled with Ms. Vicky (Monday-Saturdays) 


Please email jhda@wyoming.com for more information on the classes and cost. Thank You!

More information on the course

**Driving sessions are separate cost is for both *****

Please call 307-690-5178. Questions and information contact Miss Vicky.

Contact     jhda@wyoming.com for private lessons.     

(Safe driving!!!)







Philosophy and mission is to teach every student the basic skills of driving defensively and safely.

 Taught 46 different nations in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  Jackson Hole Driving Academy  (repeated several countries)

*Ages range from 15 to 91 year olds.


1. Thailand

2, Argentina

3, Nepal

4. Norway

5. Denmark

6. Germany

7. Colombia

8. Mexico

9.  India

10. Spain

11. Romania 

12. Russia

13. Ukraine

14, Moldova

15. England (United Kingdom)

16. Dominican Republic 

17. Scotland

18. China

19, Hong Kong 

20. Tokyo (Japan)

21. Indonesia

22. Morocco

23. Peru

24. Ireland

25. Philippines

26. France

27. South Africa 

28. Guatemala

29. Costa Rica

30. Switzerland

31. Croatia

32. Bhutan

33. Korea

34. Tibet

35. Jordan

36. Vietnam

37. Abu Dhabi (UAE)

38. Chile

39. USA

40 Australia

41. Brazil 

42. Cambodia

43. Belguim

44. Bulgaria

45. Jamaica

46. Macedonia












Catch the Buzz


Read what our alumni have to say about their experiences at Jackson Hole Driving Academy.


Drivers Ed was one of the best classes I have ever thought about taking, I learned things I would have never been able to do or know. It really 

changed my way driving, for the better! Miss Vicky is one of the best teachers out there, she is super hands on and pushes you to try things 

while driving to get you more comfortable behind the wheel. I recommend it to all new drivers! Drivers Ed was the best bucks I have ever spent, I would have not changed one thing. 


-Andi :)



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